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Hi, and welcome to My Songs® – home of the original Personalized Children's music that's every bit as special as your kid!
The first and the best – with your child's name sung all through every song, not just stuck on to the beginning or end like some others do.  This is
Personalized Songs for Children
– Perfect for birthdays, holidays, any special occasion!
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My Songs® has got a new home!  Come in, look around and check it out, kick the tires ... see what we've been doing with the original, the first and the best, personalized music for your special kid!
We've been really, really busy...  We've got music downloads!  We've got lyrics so you can sing right along with Mary!  And so much more –
Because everything's new, we're going to be testing things out for a little while.  So please do us a favor – if something doesn't work right, or look right, could you send us an email at mysongs.webmaster@gmail.com and describe what's wrong so we can fix it?  Thank you for being part of the My Songs® family!

Song Collections

My Songs

My Songs is aimed at the younger child, from about 6 months to 6 years. There are six different original songs in My Songs.


More My Songs

This album is for the slightly older child, about 5 to 9 years. There are seven different original songs in the More My Songs® album.


Hello Dreamland

Hello Dreamland is an amazing collection of bedtime "tuck-me-in" songs crafted to make sleepytime an inviting prospect as Mary sings your child to sleep by name.


Happy Boogie Birthday

Happy Boogie Birthday™ is the jump-up, get-down-and-start-dancing way to light up your favorite kid – or anyone for that matter – when birthday time rolls around!


My Songs eGift Card

The My Songs® eGift card is the no-fuss way to give your special kid the gift that always fits -- their own music, curated by them! (Or their folks, of course ;) You choose the amount, they choose the albums!