My Songs

Boy, are you gonna make a kid happy! My Songs® is aimed at the younger child, from about 6 months to 6 years. There are six different original songs in My Songs®.

Remember, we can spell your child's name any way you want.

We sing our songs just for you, name

My Songs

The introduction to the collection, where Mary lets your child know that every song on the album is all about them!

Rainy Day Things

Starts slow and soft, then really takes off when Mary starts listing all the wonderful things that can be done inside on a rainy day!

Tub Time

A calypso clean-up! Basically, this is a Caribbean production number right in the bathtub. A big splash of fun!

Rhyming Dinosaur

A song about a dinosaur who just happens to have the same name as your child - and who communicates by rhyming!

Bug-Bug Boogie

This one will get your child dancing - and that's the point! Mary teaches your child the "Lady Bug Dance," in a 40's style boogie-woogie!

Someone Special

A sweet affirmation that lists the things that make your child unique... Mary's warm voice enfolds your child in a loving tribute!

Remember, we can spell your child's name any way you want.

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