More My Songs

This album is for the slightly older child, about 5 to 9 years. There are seven different original songs in the More My Songs® album.

Remember, we can spell your child's name any way you want.

We sing our songs just for you, name

More My Songs

Mary introduces your child's personalized band and makes your kid the "star of the show" – then encourages them to sing along with the band!

Born To Ride

With a catchy rolling rhythm, this one takes your child through the familiar experience of being out on the open road with Mom!

Blue, Nothing to Do

A classic rock 'n roll lament. Oh, the anguish of being bored and blue because there's just no one to play with! (Of course, that gets fixed quick.)

The Kid Who Could Fly

A fast, lively dance song that has your child swooping and soaring high in the sky all over town; every kid's dream come true!

Flu Bug

What's it like when your kid gets the flu? Being sick is never any fun, but this might help make the experience a little less depressing!

Party Animal

Every child loves to go to the parties – or have them. Here's a rock 'n' roll song with a rompin' stompin' boogie-down beat your child can really get into!

Part Of The World

An environmentally-aware tune that encourages your child to see just how all of us, everything everywhere on Earth is connected!

Remember, we can spell your child's name any way you want.

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